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Now, leading up to the release of their twelfth full-length record Vision, the band has a renewed sense of purpose — driven by one asshole in particular. Not in the sense of will it create money, but does it leave things better than we found them?

But it was also peak record industry crisis and economic crisis in America, so there was a complete upheaval with the people we were working with at RCA, and they were all gone, and we were left to our own devices.

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And the plan was to incorporate that into punk rock, and I think we did a pretty good job of it. So the biggest misstep of Bright Lights was that the songs are just too damn long. I enjoy a lot of that record, and I think it made a lot of cool statements — it was the first record where I learned I could write specifically about myself.

But it was kind of a failure. It was the first record I played on, and that was very exciting to me. So I how to lower blood pressure in minutes reddit you can hear all of that — where do we go now? Which leads to some really interesting things, but which also has some risk with very little reward to them as well.

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It was where we learned our words carried weight. We had just signed to Fat Wreck Chords, and that felt like a tremendous platform for us. The booklet is 30 pages long and goes super in-depth into the politics behind the songs. It felt like our lives were going to change when we made it —and then the record came out and nobody cared. It was kind of a low-point for the band, just emotionally and physically. We felt exhausted, and I certainly found myself questioning whether or not this was what I wanted to do.

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For example, Pat [Thetic, drums] has always handled the money. Justin [Sane, vocals and guitar] and I have always driven the creative side. Chris Head [rhythm guitar] does the artwork.

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My role specifically is the vision for how we should share what we do. So when somebody has to check out because something in their personal lives goes on, the other members have to pick up the slack.

It was a strange period in both Pat and my lives, because we were kind of checked out, coming in and out, so you can see other people stepping up on that record. I was like, sonically, FUCK, this is terrible. And then we went in and wrote the song For Peace the following day in the studio. I felt this extreme low, and then when the song came out a couple weeks later, an extreme high from the amount of community who were looking for anti-war messages while they were ramping up the war machine and the call for blood and eye-for-an-eye post-September 11th.

It was off re-energizing ourselves.

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So that was a really big record for us because of that. So that, for me, drops it down. We figured it out, we cracked the code. They are more global and aesthetically realized now that the band had reach.

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That was the moment where it all convalesced and became what the band is today. The cool thing for me about Die For The Government is that I can really hear a band who had no idea that anything was going to come.


That, for me, screams of a band who have no plan to get out of their hometown. But I ultimately know that the people who made this record are the best versions of themselves, and that to me is really, really exciting.

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The ones where we work to magas vérnyomás és cukorbetegség hogyan kell kezelni the song out or the idea out, those are way down on this list.

But the higher ones, those are the ones where the songs come, they need to be said, they need to be done.

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I think it was a really cool moment, where none of the pressure of the major label thing, none of the outside noise of us signing to a major — none of that impacted songwriting, because it was done. So we just made sure to make the best record we could make.

12. The Bright Lights Of America (2008)

Subsequently, once we found out the major entailed having labels and territories outside the US, the record became our biggest record because of that. It just made its way into more hands.

We were able to meet with politicians. It had value — most of it had Rock And roll Swindle value, where we were robbing the rich to give to the poor. And we took full advantage of that situation.